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A personal approach
to property management

When you
become our
client, we manage
your investment
property as if it’s
our own. That
means you get
a level of service
far beyond what
you’d expect from
a real estate agency.

Why do you get better service from Pinpoint Property Management?

You deal with our Principal.
You deal directly with our Principal, Sharon Lew. This means you’re always in personal contact with someone who cares deeply about making you happy.

We’re experienced rental property managers.
We have over 20 years’ experience in rental property management, so we know how to get you the best possible returns, how to maintain your rental property’s value, how to help ensure it has the lowest vacancy rate, and how to prevent problems before they occur.

We don’t sell real estate.
We deal with property management and nothing else. Because we don’t sell real estate, our business is all about building relationships, not closing deals. We know the Sydney real estate market inside-out, but from an investment property management perspective, not a real estate sales perspective.

We rely on word of mouth.
We get over 90% of our clients through word of mouth, so you know you’re dealing with a business that keeps Sydney property investors satisfied.

Pinpoint Property Manager, Sharon Lew.

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