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Why Choose Pinpoint Property Management?

Once you’ve
bought an
property, you
should be able
to hand over
the keys, and let
someone else
take care of the
rest. You want
to be able to
relax, knowing
the rent will arrive
in your bank
account every
month. Simple.

But before you can relax, you need a property manager you can trust. Someone you know will have their eye on the thousand annoying details involved in Property Management.

Here at Pinpoint, you can enjoy the convenience and professionalism of always dealing with the same person.

We’re specialist investment property managers; we don’t sell real estate.

    We’re not real estate agents. We just do investment property management. We’re experts at finding great tenants who pay the highest possible rent and pay it on time. We’re proactive about doing whatever it takes to maintain the value of your property. And we’re always up to date with legislation. So you can sleep easy while the money rolls in.

    Consolidate your portfolio.

    Since we manage properties throughout greater Sydney, we can manage your investment portfolio for you even if they are spread out in different locations. Imagine the convenience of dealing with one person who knows the ins and outs of your portfolio and who has an excellent understanding of how you like things done.

    Our Guarantee

    At Pinpoint Property Management we aim to give you the highest level of service in managing your investment property. We’ll do our utmost to ensure that the entire management process, from letting to vacating, is professional and efficient. We want to build an enjoyable working relationship with you by giving you expert personal service.

    To fulfill our aim of getting you the highest rental returns possible and maintaining your investment property’s value, we guarantee to follow through on every commitment in our 20-point Property Management Plan.

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