Your property management plan

Here is Pinpoint Property Management’s 20-point plan for taking care of your investment property. It’s our blueprint for getting you maximum returns with minimum stress, and a set of concrete promises we guarantee to keep.

We get you the best tenants and the highest rent

Sydney’s a great place to own a rental property. But that doesn’t mean your property manager can rest on their laurels. At Pinpoint Property Management, we go to great lengths to ensure your rental attracts the highest possible rent.

  • We list your rental property online, and erect a sign outside if you wish.
  • We arrange for prospective tenants to inspect your rental property accompanied by an agent.
  • We negotiate the highest possible rent with the tenants.
  • We provide regular updates and feedback throughout the leasing process.
  • We perform thorough checks on all tenant applicants, and submit details to you for final approval. We verify applicants’ identification, rental history, employment, financial position, and suitability for your rental property.
  • We carry out a thorough inspection of your property.
  • We draw up and execute lease documentation.
  • At the time the lease is signed, we collect a bond from the tenants, equivalent to 4 weeks rent (6 weeks for a furnished rental property), and the first fortnightly or monthly rent payment.
  • We ensure tenants sign for all keys and remote controls and send you confirmation and details of the lease.

How we send you money and keep your accounts in order

There is nothing more satisfying than that rental payment rolling in, when someone else is managing the day-to-day financial intricacies.

  • We arrange for timely payment of your outgoings, including council and water rates, strata levies and any other expenses.
  • We include all original paid invoices and notices with your monthly statements, for tax purposes.
  • We forward rent payments to you electronically once or twice a month.
  • We post or email you easy-to-read monthly statements outlining all transactions.

We help your rental property retain and increase value

The long term capital growth of your property and its rental income both depend on its condition. We take a proactive approach to repairs and maintenance, ensuring your real estate investment remains in ship-shape.

  • When the tenants request repairs or maintenance on your piece of real estate, we forward the request to you for review and approval, before sending a licensed tradesperson.
  • We help your property retain optimum market value by advising you about any ongoing maintenance needs.

We get your rent paid on time.

Successful real estate investment all comes down to cashflow. When your tenants pay their rent on time, you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve got all your expenses covered, and that your rental income is reliable.

  • We instruct tenants to pay their rent fortnightly or monthly, in advance.
  • We monitor rent arrears on a daily basis. We have a zero-tolerance approach: if a tenant’s payment is late, we contact the tenant immediately.
  • We take all necessary steps and issue any Notices required as quickly as possible, in accordance with the law.

We give you peace of mind.

Property inspections are an unpleasant necessity when you own an investment property. Fortunately, though, you don’t have to worry about them. We take the headache out of monitoring the condition of your investment.

  • We carry out an inspection within the first 12 weeks of the tenancy. After that, we inspect your rental property every 6-12 months or as required by you. (The Act allows up to 4 inspections per year.)
  • After every inspection, we send you a concise report outlining the condition of your rental property and our recommendations, including photographs if necessary.

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